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Meditation - Why Meditate

Why Meditate?

As we grow from children into adults we are taught to solve life’s problems by thinking about them – using our intellect. Many of life’s problems have no solution – they are simply conditions which we must learn to live with, but still we try to think of a solution even when we know it is pointless or, a solution is found but we cannot implement it. And so stress comes into our lives as we grow up and our intellect is given more and more of our attention.

Meditation is a means to correct this imbalance. In its simplest form it allows us a little time away from the constant chatter of our intellect to relax and free ourselves of the stress of our normal thoughts. Once relaxation has been achieved, we then have space to notice our feelings. Through doing this we can get to know ourselves – understand why we do what we do and why we feel the way we feel. 

Once we have this understanding we can make choices in life to reduce the stress we experience.

Spiritual awareness comes in two ways. Firstly, by withdrawing from the chatter of our thoughts we can give our attention to our intuition or psychic faculties and secondly, by using visualisation techniques we can enhance our psychic faculties or explore our connection to our spirit and its experience of the universe. 


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