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Inspired Writing - Fitting Into Moulds

Fitting Into Moulds

I wrote this after meditating back in October 1988. This was my first piece of inspired writing, but I didn't know that was what I was doing at the time.

Here I am, sitting alone with the Lord. I feel at peace, content with this world in which we live and unafraid of what may lay before me. Time has no meaning when I feel like this – the moment may last forever or end instantly, it matters not. 

When I was a small child I had no conception of time or the future and so I did not fear what life would bring. But, as I became more a part of the world of the people around me and became more aware of their concept of the world it seemed natural to fit into the mould they had made. 

Now, I allow myself to recapture the feelings I had as that child, to accept life and God’s love, and to seek with the mind of a child – without preconception or judgment. 

To love the world in which you live you must first love yourself; the way that you were made, not the mould into which you have been squeezed (by yourself as much as by others). By doing this you learn to love all of God’s creation including the most difficult to love – your true self. 

Your true self is only difficult to love when it is judged by the standards of the mould into which you try to fit it. We perceive the mould as perfection and dislike ourselves because we do not fit it perfectly. 

Once we can remove the constraints of the mould we have no standard against which to judge ourselves, and, since we cannot judge good or bad we can love what there ‘is’ of ourselves. What we ‘are not’ becomes irrelevant since, without the mould, the concept of “what we are not” cannot exist. 

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