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Inspired Writing - The Tree Of Life

The Tree Of Life

Grow in life and spirit, as would a tree. 

Place deep roots into the ground do this by cherishing the child within you and the magic seen by that child in the earth.

As you grow into adulthood stretch out many branches to experience life.

Welcome the sun and the rain and the changing of the seasons. 

Bend with the storms of life and grow stronger as they pass. 

As you mature bring shelter to others as you continue to grow yourself and, remember that it is never to late to branch out in a new direction. 

The older branches remain an important part of what and who you are, providing the nourishment needed for further growth. 

Channeled from spirit by Joanne Hedges 9th April 2004

All Text and Graphics are Joanne Hedges unless otherwise stated and may NOT be reproduced without written permission.