Chords of Light

Guided Music

Playing Music With A Spirit Guide

To do this with my guide, I go into a meditative state while I'm holding my guitar and just let myself start to play something.  

This is like automatic writing but with a guitar instead of a pen. The control is very light and its easy to get distracted or try to have too much control over the playing - and then it goes wrong.

I record the sound from my guitar via a transducer pickup, connected to my PC's sound card.  I use Cakewalk software as the recording interface and to edit the recordings.

Tune 1 is clipped from a longer recording. I decided to remove the sections at the beginning and end where I either hadn't established the link with my guide properly or had lost it. The link will get more consistent with practice.

Tune 2 is complete other than editing out several seconds of silence from the beginning and end.

Tune 3  - Climb Up To The Sky is compiled from several clips recorded during a session.  

The files are in mp3 format so should play in Windows Media Player when you click on the link to them.

These tunes make me smile, and I hope they do the same for you.


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