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Trance Channelling

Trance Channelling Workshops at Bancroft

During May and June of 2007 I attended a 5 session trance channelling workshop at Bancroft Christian Spiritualist Church, run by Adrian Denney.   With Adrian's help we learned to link with spirit in a meditative state and maintain that link while speaking the words our guides were feeding to us via our subconscious mind. 

To begin with it is difficult to speak loudly and clearly and the words come out slowly even then, but as the course progressed it became easier and the words started to flow together in a more natural way.

For each attempt at channelling we are given a subject or a question to answer. The first few were the kind of things we would have some idea about without having to link with spirit, such as healing, but the subjects became more obscure as the course progressed. This proved to us that we were not answering the questions with our own knowledge but had to be linking with spirit to give the answers. 

Below are links to some recordings made at the workshop sessions - they are in mp3 format so you should be able to listen to them using Windows Media Player or any compatible application.

Track 1  This is my first attempt at channelling. My voice was rather quiet so has had to be amplified. This is why there is so much background hissing on this track.
Track 4  This was recorded half way through the second session of the workshop. I was starting to feel more comfortable speaking the words that were dropping into my mind.
Track 9 This recording was made during the 4th session of the workshop. We had been working on achieving a deeper meditative state prior to this channelling attempt. The sounds in the back ground are birdsong, from the trees outside the hall. This attempts to explain how a spirit prepares to be born into a new physical life, and explains why we seem to forget all our spiritual knowledge in the process.
Track 11 This is the final attempt at channelling during the last session. The subject is "how knowledge is shared in the spirit world". The words flow much more smoothly and my voice is much stronger.


Track 2 Track 3 Track 5 Track 6 
Track 7 Track 8 Track 10  


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