Chords of Light

Spirit Paintings

Spirit Paintings

These are pictures I create while connecting with spirit.  I am inspired via my intuition as I choose colours and place strokes of colour on the image to reveal what spirit wish to show.  Some pictures are inspirational or illustrations for inspired writing, others are of spirit guides and some answer a specific question.

The artistic medium I use is a laptop PC with a computer art application (Paint Shop Pro), and I work on a graphics tablet to control the placement of colour.  This allows me to work with semi-transparent colours which show through each other slightly, giving the pictures a wonderful luminous depth.

Although all my pictures are now in colour, I found when I first tried this that I could not interpret my intuition well enough to make strokes in the right place and also choose colours and shades. So, my early pictures you will see here are done in "grey scale", like a black and white photo.

I changed to working in colour after seeing a demonstration by another psychic artist who works in acrylic paints on canvas.

One of the advantages, I have found, of working with an electronic medium (on my computer) is that I can produce pictures quickly and send them to people via the internet.  

Click the link to my gallery to see examples pictures.  


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