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Inspired Writing - Where To Begin?

On the subject of: Where To Begin?

Back in 1989, I had been talking to a friend, with whom I had recently become re-acquainted, about my spiritual journey.....he asked me where to begin. A few days later, during a quiet time at work, I heard a voice within me which I knew was not my own. It was one of my spirit guides answering the question. This is what I heard. 

On the subject of where to begin: When one knows the task at hand this is clear. However, the path of the spirit is unknown to man. He can see nothing of it ahead of him, only what is past. Therefore, man is unable to decide in which direction to make each next step. He must simply lift his foot and trust that God will guide it rightly to its next resting place. 

Many “lift their feet” in prayer or meditation, but few wholly trust in God to have him determine where the foot comes to rest. It is very difficult to stop the human will from bringing it to where it deems it to be safe. So, spiritually, men wander for many years before finding the beginning of their path, and they wander from it many times before learning that God’s strength and wisdom is truly greater than their own. Only when they accept this truth does their path become easier to tread. 

Only when man accepts God’s will above his own can he find peace of mind and oneness with himself. 

This is where to begin.

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